SQL Server problems after PING restore

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SQL Server problems after PING restore

Postby PaulG » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:42 am


PING: 3.00
CPU: Pentium 4 - 2.8Gb
RAM: 1Gb

I have an old image (mid-2008) which I am restoring back onto an identical machine (but not the same one) as was originally used (little touch screen industrial-type unit) and initially everything works like a charm, as per usual.

The problem is that when the machine is booted, sqlserver.exe (SQL Express 2005) takes 99% of the processing power and the databases are inaccessible. If I try to use the management studio to take a look-see then it hangs for ~2mins and comes back with: "Could not connect to localhost. Timeout expired". Looking at the SQL log files gives the following error:

"Process 51:0:0 (0xce4) worker 0x[blah] appears to be non-yielding on scheduler 0. Thread creation time 12861450897703. Approx thread CPU used: Kernel 3826687ms, user 2418203ms. Process utilisation 99%. System Idle 0%. Interval 6201500ms."

Now, I've read in SQL forums that compressing SQL files can cause all sorts of issues and that sometimes imaging software doesn't always fully decompress .mdf files. Could this be the case with PING?

Thanks for your time on this one.

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