Using SysAngel and tftpd for installing custom ISOs

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Using SysAngel and tftpd for installing custom ISOs

Postby KriptoN » Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:55 pm

Hello there.

Today i found this project by searching a sollution to install custom .iso on a remote laptop, which dont have any cds, fdds ... etc. The laptop can boot from a lan source.

The problem i have is that i need to install clean copy of the windows xp, a licenesed one, bought some time ago. And only that!

From what i read the dvd generator creates such image, but it also implements some other software in it.

The quick question i have is: Can i use my personal created image of the winxp cd (*.iso file) and to boot directly from that iso? If it's possible sorry for that i couldnt find the solution, and please tell me which files to edit to boot the winxp.iso in the c:\ouput dir?

Thanks in advance!


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Postby Curtis8 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:21 am

WINNER does not use the .iso file in the Output directory. It uses all the other files. So I cannot tell you how to boot a .iso from PXE and if you do find out, I would love to know myself.

I have used WINNER to install WinXP Pro and had good success. I commented out the apps lines to prevent them from installing, and anything else that tried to install when Windows loaded I canceled. Worked quite well.

If you can read this, help me by going to the following link (can only go once per day)

Thank you

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