PING Restore Premature Reboot ????

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PING Restore Premature Reboot ????

Postby cgerraty » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:36 am

I hope someone can help... I have two issues......


I use PING to backup and restore preinstallaion images of XPP, WEPOS, POSReady, etc, to our Touch POS Systems. I have an issue that a lot of the timer I am getting premature reboots whilst doing a restoration.

We have a Gigabit network here in the office and the PXE server is running fine. I can load PING and I restore form a MS share (CIFS) on our network. The restoration will fly through for the first few % of the restore then bog down to only about 100MiB/sec. It then get to anywhere between 10 - 40% and then just shuts down and reboots. for no apparent reason.

I have eliminated server issues, backup issues, cable problems, etc. The only thing left is "who knows".....

Has anyone else come across this problem ?

And Second:

I have a problem creating a backup over the network... I load PING, Choose to backup and MS Share (CIFS)... when it comes to the screen where you choose "Create New Image", this does not appear in the list. I get a list of all my previous backups but now this....

I am left to using a USB portable HDD to plug directly into the PC and then loading PING and backing up to this. I then have to manually copy this backup to the server.

Is there something that I am not doing or doing incorrectly ?

You help is muchly appreciated !


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