Print() on Closed File Handle...message

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Print() on Closed File Handle...message

Postby MNcamper » Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:51 pm

I am getting the following message near the end of a backup:
print() on closed file handle TC at /opt/ping/ line 3529.

I searched this forum for the message text but it was not found.
This leads me to suspect that this may be the first report of this problem.

DELL Studio 1747
-Intel Core i7-720QM
-4GB DDR3 1333MHz
-Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Disk 0 300GB
-System Reserved 100MB NTFS [sda1]
-WIN7 (C:) 20GB NTFS [sda2]
-unallocated 180GB
-BACKDATA (F:) 100GB NTFS [sda3]
Disk 1 300GB
-DATA (G:) 50GB NTFS [sdb1]
-unallocated 50GB
-STUFF (I:) 100GB NTFS [sdb2]
-BACKWIN7 (J:) 100GB NTFS [sdb3]

Boot to PING from CD created from PING-3.00.iso
[PING Community Edition release 3.00.03 2009-08-01, with kernel]

PING options selected:
local disk/partition
sdb1 [partition to backup]
sda3 [image destination]
ping_20100826 [image folder name]
yes [record file info for future incremental backups]
no [don't minimize]

The last time I saw PING acting normally it was at 71% complete.
When I came back 30 minutes later, the screen was displaying the message above in an infinite loop.
I repeated the same steps above and got the same messages each of two times.

Since PING has no verify function that I am aware of, I do not know if the files output from PING are complete and uncorrupted.
I should add that I have run PING several times to successful completion - the only difference being that the successful runs selected NO to the question about

recording file info for future incremental backups.

I am looking to members of this forum to let me know of a fix or a workaround for this situation.

Thank you,

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