PING 3.0 - HP ProBook 4515s - Win7 Restore fails

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PING 3.0 - HP ProBook 4515s - Win7 Restore fails

Postby jaho » Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:18 pm


This should be quite basic situation:
"Normal" HP Windows 7 laptop - 3 NTFS and 1 FAT partitions.

a) System Image 1 was created to External HD after installation of computer
(Every partition, using the basic settings and "without doing anything dangerous")

b) There was a problem with computer, so I created new image before laptop was delivered to HP Repair.
(same way)

Computer got back with new hard disk etc. and I tried to restore image b)
=> Seemed to go OK, and first partition (small windows 7 recovery) worked all right,
but the actual system in second partiotion was totall mess.
(Meaning that after windows-disk-checking 150 GB of data was reduced to 17 GB,
and there was no way I could get the system to boot to Windows)

So, I tried again with image a) but very similar results.

Used Ping 3.0.0 for all that, so I tried another restore with 3.0.4 with the same results.
Attached the x.log -file, I could not find anything strange from there...

To be exact, the image a) was created from ANOTHER 4515s computer,
which was installed at the same time, so I now have images from 2 different 4515s computers,
and neither of them can be restored to this computer.

So, any ideas, what could go wrong.
- I quess, that if both images are corrupted (External HD problem), PING would notice that?
- I ran HP disk-checks, in case the laptop's new HD were broken, but nothing was found.

Any other possible explanations?
(I have used PING in the past and would like to use it in the future also, so I am interested hear any theory...)

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