PING 3.00 and Win7 full system backup - questions and bugs

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PING 3.00 and Win7 full system backup - questions and bugs

Postby MartyMacGyver » Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:50 pm

I've searched here and while I've found lots of info not all of my questions have been answered by it.

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on machines with SATA drives. My goal is to back up my main system partition so that if the hard drive died and I had to install a new one (at least the same size) I could restore from this backup and my system would boot up and work as if nothing had ever happened.

Currently I duplicate the system partition elsewhere and then hide it (so it doesn't get accidentally modified), but this is not a portable way to back it up. It is however pretty easy, safe and straightforward. I'm not a fool, but some of the options here are confusing and it's not clear if my partition backups with this will be 100% accurate or if restoring them will cause other unwanted side-effects.

    I want the restored partition to be the same size it was originally (I can use other tools to resize it later if I want that)
    I expect the restored partition to be identical in terms of the actual data (I'm not worried about free space - it'll compress nicely if I zero it first)
    I don't require incremental backup capability

Is this possible with this software and what is the best way to do this? I think I'm doing it right but I'm not positive.

Also, if I restore one partition on a drive with a few other partitions (and with room for my restored partition to fit), will this damage the other partitions in any way?

Other bugs and issues:

Note: code references are from unless otherwise noted.

PING bug: If you elect to "store details about each recorded file" (useless as that may be for a full system backup) you may encounter an infinite loop: I didn't have anything near 655,000 files on the drive and so I discontinued that "file details" process after a few hours of watching that value climb. I looked at the code for this and I think the script may be naively walking across junction points or something, causing it to get stuck looping: readdir may not be the ideal way to go about this safely.

Unclear: When and why would you use the "Blank_Local_Admin_Passwd" option? What else does selecting that option do?

Unclear: If ACLs are not handled, does this fact have ANY adverse effect on FULL Partimage backups / restores of a given partition?

Unclear: At the bottom of the user is told to delete the bios file manually if they don't want to restore it. However, the code itself suggests to me (not having risked a full restore yet) that the user is prompted about this. Thus this note in the docs appears to be unnecessary.

Site bug: points to an outdated HowTo file (2.01 vs 3.00). If you go to the HowTo all the links point to 2.01. (It's not clear that this has been updated at all from 2.01).

Site bug: The HowTo's refer to the SID fallacy (and newsid.exe). See for information straight from the developer who created and later *pulled* that tool offline.

Site bug: mentions but it is inaccessible (and perhaps not yet usable)

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