Successfully cloned a Dell Utility Partition

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Successfully cloned a Dell Utility Partition

Postby justauser » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:11 pm

This worked for me (Win7 box with Utility, Restoration, and OS partitions), your mileage may vary.

1. Download PowerQuest Partition Table Editor (free download) from: ...
2. Unzip the program to either the hard drive or usb drive. The program does not need to be installed and can run from either place.
3. Run the program as an administrator.
4. In the first row of the partition table box, under the Type heading, there should be a "DE", change this to "06" (no quotes).
5. Click "Save Changes".
6. Restart the computer back into Windows. After the restart you should see a new drive. Mine was roughly 40MB in size, and had a few directories and files in it (MFGMEDIA, diags...).
7. Restart the computer again, and boot into PING.
8. Do the regular steps for cloning a drive and make sure to select the partitions you want to clone (I wanted the utility, restoration, and OS partitions so I selected those).
9. The partitions should clone without error (The "this seems to be a dell system" message should not display.)
10. When you do a restore, do NOT allow PING to expand the partitions to use the full hard drive space (I originally did and it failed on me).
11. Once restored, log into windows, run PowerQuest Partition Table Editor again and change the "06" back to "DE" (i.e. undo step 4).
12. Click "Save Changes".
13. Restart
14. Once in Windows you should no longer see the utility partition (mentioned in step 6 as being roughly 40MB in size). I also had use of the whole hard drive (i.e. the windows partition was expanded to see everything, though I told PING not to expand).

Again this worked for me (was able to get into Windows, and the utility partition where I was able to run some hardware checks), your mileage may vary. The box had a pretty straight forward partitioning scheme (utility, restore, and os). I'm not sure how well it will work with other schemes.
I got the idea for using PPTE from this site:
LiPE ( seems to be a Linux version of PPTE, though I have not used or tested it.

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