Server 2000 on Raid 5 failing t restore

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Server 2000 on Raid 5 failing t restore

Postby Andiman » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:49 am


I am a Windows-savvy IT engineer with absolutely no idea when it comes to Linux that has hit a problem.

I have been using Ping for some time now and it is an absolutely fantastic piece of software. I completely understand that it is a script that makes use of a Linux software package 'Partimage'.

I have been trying to back up a Windows Server 2000 machine running on a set of three Raid 5 8k striped drives totalling 140 gig and this appears to work great. However, restoring them to an identical machine fails every time, suggesting that part of the Windows file structure is missing when booting up into the Server environment. This happens pre-GUI stage and is indicative of a failing registry, not missing files.

I have tried over and over, both with a configured and formatted / frshly initialised RAID arrad and also as an unformatted array. No change.

Does anyone have any idea? Any and all ideas would be welcome.



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