Restore not working

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Restore not working

Postby phrispirit » Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:47 pm

This is my first restore. Everything seemed to go well at first.
1. I highlighted the first option (Choose this to restore)
2. I chose the reboot option for what to do after
3. I got the screen asking me where the image was. I chose the correct drive and entered the folder where it was stored (\MainPC)
3. Then, PING started to work, paused at the last line then the KILL command was issued rebooting.

At first, I though, "wow, that was fast!" But then I realized why: It rebooted to the last partition which I wanted to be overwritten.
So, WHERE should I start looking to figure out why it is not restoring the image and over-writing that which is on the C: drive?

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