Restore after changing partition order

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Restore after changing partition order

Postby ansemx324 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:43 pm

Hey everyone,

So I have googled for this and really can't find any good threads, hopefully you can help me out.

I have made individual partition backups of my PC.
--One backup for the Ubuntu system that was on hda1
--One backup for the Windows system that was on hda3
---My movie drive was hda2, I added windows after setting up the htpc, and realized I didnt want this order anymore.

Now I reordered my partitions so now they are:
--hda1 - Windows
--hda2 - Ubuntu
--hda3 - Movies

This seemed more logical. However....the backups of how the systems were (and how I want them) are when ubuntu was hda1. I want to restore the OSes as they were before the partition change though. If I do a restore with PING, it will put Ubuntu over Windows I think, and then I will have the good ubuntu on hda 1 and just an initial ubuntu after install on hda2 with Windows gone. Likewise, restoring windows will just wipe the Movie drive (since it WAS hda3). Is there any way to restore these images to the new partitions?? Do I just change the names of the files so ubuntu would be hda2.0001 rather than hda1.0001, or is it more complicated that this?

Please let me know! This will be helpful in the future if I decide to switch around anything else!

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