[solved] Boot CD problem V3.1

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[solved] Boot CD problem V3.1

Postby Algeorge » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:48 am

Hi I have burnt several disks which all result with the following error during boot:
Driverready seekcomplete error
hdc: cdrom-decode-status:status 0x51
hdc:possibly failed opcode:0xa0
The boot proceeds fine, past the section which says 'tip.....' then comes up with errors.
Have tried burning it with different burners, different speeds, burnt disks do verify and both the version with antivir and without antivir to no success. Error appears in same place on any computer.
URL for download (without antivir)

This happens on my desktop PC, but does not happen on my notebook. Desktop is otherwise not showing any signs of operative errors.
Any advice please?

[solved] using cdrw drive defined as first boot, the error occurred. By changing to my second cdrom as first boot, then the boot sequence went through, and cdrom mounted OK.
Important - CD0 (the burner drive) has never required to be set as boot item 2 (which is the read drive) before and I use a lot of boot disks; this is a problem specific to Ping. Perhaps the kernel may need to be adjusted according to if two cdrom are available so there are no such conflicts?

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