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Help needed

Postby cghamm » Fri May 06, 2011 11:04 am

I'm currently setting up 30 PCs to be used in a PC-pool at school. The installation should provide a partition on which an image of drive C: on which Windows XP resides. So I've installed Windows and created a second partition as described in the Annexe. The next step was to habe PING write an image of C: , that is /dev/hda1 to -dev-hda2. So far, so good! Using either the CD or booting via PXE I can restore the Windows installation within less than 10 minutes.
Then I ran into trouble. I saved an image of the whole disk onto a network share. After wiping the disk with zeros using DBAN, I tried to restore the disk by having PING write the disk from the network share. So far, so bad! The machine won't boot.

So, what works is:
-backing up C: (-dev-hda1 only!) to either a share or onto a separate linux ext3 partition
-restoring from either
-cloning using SysPrep, i.e. imaging a syspreped partition

So how do I get PING to restore a drive with /dev/hda1 = Windows and /dev/hda2 = ext3 containing kernel, initrd.gz and the image of C:

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