PING can't create partitions on restore

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PING can't create partitions on restore

Postby mnespolo » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:19 pm


We've recently starting having a problem with one of our PING images. Suddenly, when we try to restore it, it's unable to create the partitions on a blank drive. This has never been a problem before and still works on an older version of the image. I was wondering if it was possible for a windows 7 update to cause this problem? I created the current image at the end of May and the previous image worked fine, but I no longer have that image, only one from September (which works, but is out of date).

The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 (0578-65U). We also use the same image on the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15 (0301-5SU). It has Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, Office 2010. I usually update Windows and the Lenovo Updates on a regular basis and make new images, but have no idea what might be causing this to happen. Any thoughts would be helpful.


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