Windows 7 Slow to pull/push image (8.5 hrs) and won't boot

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Windows 7 Slow to pull/push image (8.5 hrs) and won't boot

Postby Albione » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:15 pm

We've used PING for several years, with great success. I have successfully created and deployed several Windows 7 images before but all with 32bit processors, and today I am attempting to create a new image for some recently purchased desktops.

The PCs are HP PROMO 6200's which have Intel i3 x64 processors, and we are installing Windows7 x32 on them for reasons beyond the scope of this forum...

When I tried to create an initial image, the copy took over 8 hours, and showed a 93Gb partition to image. (Image folder is just over 9Gb on completion, and the 100Gb OS partition has slightly over 17Gb used for OS, Programs, and data.) In the past, only portion of the partition that is actually used has appeared here, which I'm hoping raises a flag for someone to explain what I am seeing.

When I tried to copy down the various iterations of the image, it again took around 8 hours, and on boot says the NTOS kernal cannot be found and suggests a repair installation(or something to that effect.)

Suspecting an issue with the SATA Emulation I have tried both AHCI and IDE settings, and also disabled SATA translation to no avail.

Any ideas why it it seeing the full volume instead of just the portion containing data, or what can be done to resolve this?

All suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who help to make PING great!

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