Error Message during restore

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Error Message during restore

Postby JIK » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:29 am

I am trying to clone my failing hard drive to a new hard drive that is the same capacity. I get the error message "The second argument [/dev/sda2] must be a valid device (ex: /dev/hda1)". My image is on a USB external drive which the program recognizes. The computer is running Window 7 - 64 bit and has SATA hard drives. I first tried to restore using the hard drive as it was delivered. After that failed I formated the drive (is listed in Windows explorer) and it failed again. I am using PING 3.01.

What drive is sda2? My system has a second hard drive I use for data and backup. When I made the image I thought I only backed up the boot drive which is what I am trying to back up. Did I make an image of both drives?

Any ideas?


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