Bare metal restore support

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Bare metal restore support

Postby dellerium » Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:52 pm

I'm just wondering if PING does support bare metal restore.

I haven't tried using PING to restore an image with a different hardware configuration.


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Re: Bare metal restore support

Postby A_Null » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:33 pm

It doesn't really do different hardware. It is simply an image snapshot backup/restore mechanism, and as such will do a bare-metal restore, but only to the same hardware.

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Re: Bare metal restore support

Postby sloscheider » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:38 am

I've only had trouble when moving to a different hard drive type. Outside of that change I can install a Windows XP image from an Intel based system to an AMD based system - granted, XP will crash because it was expecting an Intel chipset but that's not PINGs fault.

The Linux OS that PING is built upon seems to adapt to a wide variety of hardware configurations...

I believe that if you were to try moving a hardware independant OS like older versions of Novell Netware it would work just fine. Having said that, I've only ever used PING for Windows based machines. I think you could even boot a virtual machine, like one hosted on a VMWare server, to the network running a PING system and backup / restore / move images around.

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