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Re: Who is using PING -- Platforms and Organizations

Postby Nicram » Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:47 am

My name is Marcin Wilk.
About one and a half year i started my own business - computer help and services.
I'm from Poland, little town calld Zgorzelec. My company website saddress is http://www.itos.pl/
One of my first thoughst was to use open source software whenever i can.
And PING is the best example of that. From the beginning i were using Linux livecd's and BSD's for my purposes. Currently i support few schools, companys, basketball sport club and many private customers and i always use PING when i prepare computers (so when something goes wrong and software repairs is impossible i always got hdd image with clear os+drivers+most used software like audio/video codecs, java, web browser etc. And yes, i always use PING for that because it work fast, it compress images on the fly, it support many features like save or restore image from other computer in network (very useful in schools and when something is wrong in reading image from hdd connected by usb or eSATA. And what is most important - it's free!

I want to thank the authors for what they do, and they do wonderful job here! Especially for someone like me, who started own business without any money, and can do professional work like others that have them. Btw. currently i got money to buy Symantec for example, but the true is... I do not need it, PING do 100% of what i need!

Thank You again for the great software!

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Re: Who is using PING -- Platforms and Organizations

Postby Netmaster » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:49 pm

A medical infomatics company in California. Am using PING for maintenance on internal systems as well as using it as a basis for our systems that go to end users. Primarily we're a WinDell corporation and have been using PING for some months now on a development network. It's proved to be a stable solution for us.

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Re: Who is using PING -- Platforms and Organizations

Postby Burn1nat0r » Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:17 am

I work at a Mid-size (100+ emp) company in NY using ping. I signed on to the IT dept (5 members) a few months ago I wipe most computers that pass through my desk (employees leaving, new ones starting), so ping was a great choice. Allows me to order several computers, configure one and then drop the image to each. Today I put windows 7 enterprise (x64) on 9 netbooks we purchased for interns to use. I had 5 netbooks open on my desk plugged into a switch PINGing the image all at once off network share. Compared to the time it would take to actually install that on each one (they came w/xp pro x86.)

Great product, somewhat tempermental. Working on expanding it to each image we use in the office (laptop, desktop, etc)

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Re: Who is using PING -- Platforms and Organizations

Postby remus » Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:36 am

ADRA Community Centre > Woodridge > Qld > Australia

I have used PING on about 20 student computers with good success.
The machines are early 2000 P4's running SD or DDR ram.

Combined with a easy lilo based boot menu to boot into windows or
- Automatic Recovery

Even non IT skilled teachers can get computers up and running in under 10 minutes no mater what the error.

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